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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Becoming Famous Is Not Easy Part 2

Becoming famous is not easy as it looks and if you want to make this your full time endeavor then make sure you are ready for the reporters, paparazzi, lies, your past, your relationships and everything that revolves around you. Once you are the center of attention, then that is what you ask for along with it. Many celebrities wish they could live the normal lifestyle but yet they would still like the fame and attention they receive now. It is a heavy price to pay and celebrities seem to realize now that they are forever under the microscope of news and people. So, make sure this is something you want and live your life no matter what someone says. Take Britney Spears for an example, she lived her life under the microscope and wanted to please everyone her mother, her manager, her husband, and just about everyone but she forgot one person ,herself. She did not please the most important person in her life, which is herself. She soon realized this after losing almost everything she had around, and that is what probably drove her to what people called crazy. I don't think she was crazy, I just believe she was lost and confused and did not know how to handle everything around her. She grew up so fast and started a family right away and it got the best of her, but with some time to herself and the help of friends she recovered. Amazing, huh and yet she still one of the top rated searches of Yahoo, Google, and other search engines. People can say what they want about Brtiney but know this, she respects herself now and is more stronger than ever. She is shining like a light and people are noticing this and that is why she is still on top. Sometimes, you have to go through things before you can see things for what they are for. Sometimes, it can end up for the worse and sometimes end up for the good. Stay tuned for for Becoming Famous Is Not Easy Part 3!!!

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