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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Your Appeal and Approach To People

One thing you have to know when you become famous is your approach and your appeal towards people. If you have a bubbly or open personality, then most likely you will appeal to others. If not then you have to work on building your approach and your appeal towards people, because people and the media tend to lean towards people that know who they are and what they want. So it is best to find out who you are and what you want to do with yourself. Here are a few tips to get you going with who you are and what you can do to benefit of becoming famous.

1. Don't be afraid of knowing everything about you like your weaknesses, your looks, your personality, everything revolving around you. It is crucial to know these things because who will know more things about you other than you and if you become rich you don't want the media or other people knowing about stuff you don't know about yourself. So, do a self-look inside and on the outside of yourself.

2. Ask people around you what do they think about you and what they feel are your weaknesses. The more you know about yourself then the more other people will see that and you get the benefit from it. Ask people what do they feel are your strengths?? The more you know about your strengths then the best way you can make them stand out. If you are into social media, provide a poll of what people like about your, or what they feel or your best looks. Take the results and try to incorporate those comments or responses in your daily life. It could be a certain way you wear you hair or a certain way you are standing in the picture. It can be a number of things but take that as a lesson and learn from it.

3. Always be honest with yourself. If you are doubting yourself or do not have self-confidence then take control of it. Find out what your weak points are and fix it. If it is a weight problem, then try a diet that is healthy. Do not starve yourself!! That is the bad way to go when trying to lose weight, because you can actually hurt the inside of your body with starvation. If it is the way you look, change your hairstyle, or color your hair, these are some things that can change the way you look and better your chances of standing out. Take these tips and go for it...